Who Built Pure Weight Loss?

Dr. Charles Francis, DC

I was born in Brooklyn and raised in Staten Island, both boroughs of New York City. My parents, happily married 40 plus years, are hard working people who dedicated their lives to teaching students and raising their family. My education led me out of New York and to West Chester University in Pennsylvania, where I acquired my undergraduate degree and met my future wife, the love of my life.

While in college, I was fortunately introduced to the healing power of chiropractic and it changed my life, my health, and my career path in the greatest of ways. I then moved to Atlanta, Georgia where I pursed my graduate degree and my life purpose of serving others through the natural and powerful means of chiropractic.

Shortly after graduation I married my now wife, Wendi. We moved to Boston, Massachusetts where I was recruited to work for one of the best and largest chiropractic practices in the world. With this experience as my foundation, I decided to move to Charlotte, North Carolina to fulfill my vision and dream of having my own family wellness chiropractic practice. We are changing spines, improving health, creating wellness and consequently changing the lives of families in our community.

My greatest moments and blessings have been the birth of our three beautiful children. I am excited as I look to the future. I pride myself on providing the highest level of corrective care possible while making it affordable for individuals and families to receive this revolutionary care. Wellness is the pinnacle of health, and I strive daily to be the leader of a wellness movement for our community here in Charlotte. I look forward to meeting you.